Compare the Dyson Upright and Canister Experience

Vacuum cleaners are often purchased for a specific type of cleaning. Owners really like some options of the vacuum that they own. One thing that takes getting used to is the heavy ball on the back of the Dyson vacuum. Various parts have been placed inside the polypropylene ball, making it heavier. The protective covering of the ball protects the motor parts that could easily break. Developing a lower center of gravity with this design adds to the stability of the vacuum.

Wheels are a part of the most recognized varieties of vacuums that stand upright. It is built to go directly forward and backward. Changing direction or turning corners involves pulling the vacuum back and gradually angling it in the direction desired. Some find it easier to just lift the machine and place it at the new spot. The ball on the Dyson upright cleaner keeps this problem from happening. New owners are surprised by how easily the vacuum cleaner glides under tables and around edges.

The Dyson Animal Upright DC41 Vacuum features a mattress cleaning tool with the ability to remove dust and minute particles from the mattress. It weighs just a bit over 17 pounds. Even when changing surfaces during the task of vacuuming, the self-adjusting cleaner head retains its excellent cleaning and suction power. Vacuuming seems to be easier to do thanks to the upgrades found in this system.

The simple act of turning the vacuum off instantly ends the simplicity of moving and turning. That makes consumers recognize the effectiveness of the ball during use, but does little to solve the problem. Beware of the likelihood of falling over if the Animal is left standing before putting it away. Its powerful ability to remove everyday dirt from the carpet maintains its reputation. It picks up the animal hair that other vacuums usually leave behind.

The plastic parts of the Dyson Multi-Floor DC40 Upright Vacuum are durable. The weight is light compared to other vacuums of this caliber. The bin is both easy and quick to empty. A reduced difference in cleaning time is noticed when the wand is mastered.

The time it takes to assemble it for storage is inconvenient. Proper storage means placing the accessories in a certain spot to reduce the size. The hose lacks simple flexibility when first removed from the box. It takes getting used to no marks left behind on the carpet to announce that it has been recently vacuumed.

The Dyson DC39 Multi-Floor Canister Vacuum is a great option for those who prefer a canister model rather than an upright vacuum cleaner. It is designed to clean hardwood floors and carpet. The reduced weight and design allow this machine to follow the user easily. The smaller turbine head easily fits below sofas and other furniture.

Avoid pulling up lighter throw rugs by adjusting the height bar to accommodate the shift in flooring types. Skipping over animal hair on the floor involves making another pass with the vacuum. The outside of the wand has a tendency to attract hair although there is little to do about this static-caused problem. Practice in vacuuming technique results in reducing these problems.

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