IT Solutions For Law Firms, Safe Data Back Up, Data Recovery

It Solutions For Law Firms incorporate the IT options that a lot of firms rely on, but law firmsalso call for options developed especially for their industry, to deal with the issues they usually experience today.

Just over a decade back, most of us were still relying on paper. The fact that now nearly anything may be accessed by personal computer has its positive aspects. However it also has its’ issues. In an effort to remain competitive inside the flourishing law industry, a law business ought to retain state-of-the-art IT options. In addition, the fairly recent adoption of e-mail has left a lot of of us overcome with a barrage of requests for our time and attention. Christo IT Services has IT options for law firms to help you get back control of the time and your inbox.

Christo IT does not present just 1 tool or plan; as an alternative we’ve compiled several IT options for law firms and legal departments to handle and organize their electronic documents and documents and realize increased productivity and efficiency. We work closely with every consumer to determine your particular needs, and we continue working closely along with you to make certain those needs are being achieved by our IT solutions for law firms.

Christo IT delivers the next IT solutions for law firms to deal with their distinctive issues:

• A advanced Content Management System to help you securely store, handle and archive data.

• Hardware and application upgrades to be certain you remain compliant.

• Remote access of documents, enabling many authorized professionals the ability to access vital documents from wherever they happen to be.

• Secure doc sharing, to enable the sharing of private documents with colleagues and clients.

• File reporting and audit trails, to show when and by whom documents are despatched – content may be monitored as it is added to provide a comprehensive audit trail.

• Secure substantial volume communications, enabling attachments which might be historically too huge to be despatched via e-mail.

IT Services Philadelphia also consist of our Five Layers of Backup:

• Server Backup – in the case of a power outage or computer system failure, we are able to allow you to recover your data speedily.

• Redundant Hard Drive – hard drives do certainly fail. You will have a 2nd one, just in case, and by no means experience downtime.

• Image Capture – an image of all your data to allow for more sorts and quicker restoration.

• External Storage – to store, protect and connect your data.

• Disaster Recovery-offsite backup which you can access remotely should disaster strike at your primary place.

At Christo IT we understand the distinctive issues faced by law firms and legal departments, and we are able to allow you to handle your important processes. For more info on IT solutions for law firms, check out our site at or contact us at 800.211.8657.

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