My Web Marketing Journey To Date – Top Lessons To Learn From

Despite having been working on my home business for a number of years, I have now only got to the stage where I can pay the bills with my earnings. I have been an internet marketer for a number of years now and only recently have I been able to get my business to a full time living wage.

It was the fact that I had a solid focus and direction in my business that resulted in things starting to take off for me. Here are some tips for how you can see success in your home based business as well. It is what I have learnt along the way:

SEO Blog Posts – You need to optimize your blog posts for the search engines for additional traffic. You can easily get lots of traffic by sharing your link via Facebook and Twitter, but it is good to get more traffic from Google as well. Do a bit of keyword research using the Google keyword tool and try to find phrases of a few words in length that are low in competing pages. If you are good at SEO you can do very well with small affiliate review sites as well. This is outlined in more detail as part of my Google Sniper review. It is an excellent training course to follow.

Google Sniper

Content Syndication – In addition to posting your blog posts to the article directories, there are a number of other ways you can re-use the content. I recommend converting all articles to PDF documents and submitting to doc sharing sites such as scribd, slideshare, and docstoc. You can also write an online press release that uses part of the article for Google News traffic and also make a YouTube video around the article content. Perhaps record a bullet point presentation in PowerPoint with screencapture software such as Camtasia and CamStudio.

Free Traffic – Article marketing and blogging are excellent free traffic methods that can lead to you earning a healthy residual income. This is because you are building your own online real estate with each piece of content that you produce. It is not temporary marketing. Each article is permanent and will generate traffic on autopilot for years and years. When you have got to the stage of having thousands of pieces of content out there on the internet then you will have all the traffic you need.

Product Creation – How about creating your own information products and then selling them as an internet marketer? Product creation is very powerful because you just focus on what you are skilful at, create a valuable product for others, and then sell out. What gives you leverage as a product vendor is that you don’t need to be a marketing expert to sell it well. You can create your own affiliate program and get others to market the product for you. As a new product vendor a great idea is to offer a 100% commission affiliate program to encourage other affiliates to market for you. And then you can make your main money in your backend sales funnel on higher ticker products.

High Ticket Home Based Business – Make sure you promote high ticket products in your backend sales funnel with whatever business opportunity you join. This is important to really make paid advertising worth it. With paid advertising you often have to get through a lot of leads before you find people to buy your products. So to be able to scale your business your average customer value needs to be very high. High ticker products in your sales funnel is the way to achieve this. Top tier network marketing opportunities often include promoting live events and seminars and coaching programs.

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