The Best Class to Choose in Rift

There are 4 classes to decide on from in Rift, and they are warrior, cleric, rogue and mage. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, so choosing could be hard. The choice will influence your Rift gold earning and character power leveling. Here is a brief explanation belonging to the 4 classes in Rift.

A very preferred choice because they are great in battle and can deliver some massive damage. They are also the preferred choice for tanking and can resist massive hits to them. If you choose warrior, then you will be sought soon after by many groups.

These are the healers and so is a super choice if PVP is your game. You will be the most imperative member of any party with a well-built Rift cleric because you can stay in the back ground during the battle and heal the fighters. The cleric is an excellent choice in Rift because there are not so many of them, and this suggests you will find groups to join easily.

The Rift rogue is great for range attacks and melee attacks. I enjoy using the rogue with marksman and beastmaster to dish out some harm with bow, while owning a pet at my part to aid away. Alternatively, you can use bladedancer to do some melee attacks.

The Rift mage is by far the preferred for prolonged variety fighting, so if you need to retain your range choose this class. The great thing though is the fact that if you choose the souls correctly you may also fight close up with great effect. The bad thing about Rift and all its classes and souls is the fact that you can spend several weeks building your fighter only to get out that the spirit choice was bad. Right here I would suggest a Rift leveling guide.

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