The Fastest Way to Submit Social Bookmarks

Most marketers and bloggers use social bookmarking frequently, and thus they look for ways to increase the speed of their submissions. Believe it or not, social bookmarking is probably the quickest way to make backlinks. This is because they only require a URL, tags, description, and title. However, submitting multiple pieces of content to multiple social bookmarking sites every single day can become quite tedious. Over time, you will find that a good portion of your marketing time is being allocated just to bookmarking when you could be doing much better and more productive things with your precious time.

If this sounds like you at all they you should probably learn ways to submit social bookmarks so you can be a more efficient link builder and gain traffic and rankings faster for your site.

Method for Social Bookmarking #1 – Manual Submissions

The first technique you can use to submit your social bookmarks is simply by hand. This is obviously the slowest way to do things because you have to enter the data for each link one by one. Of course, you can save yourself some time by using copy + paste and using the short-keys for it to hasten the process further. If you have all of the URLs open and prepared or memorized by heart then you can skip from one bookmarking site to the next quickly to save further time.

If you are doing your bookmarking manually then you will only want to submit to the best sites. You won’t really have time to mess around submitting to additional bookmarking sites that are just okay and only provide a decent return for the submissions.

Method for Social Bookmarking #2 – Semi-Automated Submissions

The next way to submit social bookmarks is by using a semi-automated solution. This means using a site like SocialMarker to navigate from site to site submitting your link, title, description, and tags. This helps hasten the process because the site can take you from one site to the next without you having to reenter or even copy + paste the bookmarking website domain names. Also, you can fill in the forms faster because the title and other info is readily available on-page to be pasted into the required fields.

One more thing to consider to take semi-automation to the next level is using some sort of auto-form fill. By filling out the forms automatically this will make the process much faster for you while still leaving you with control over the entire submission process.

Method for Social Bookmarking #3 – Automated Submissions

Lastly, you can use the fastest and most powerful solution to bookmark submission, automation software. There are a couple programs available on the web for automating social bookmark submission and they are incredibly powerful. Not only do they post at fast speeds, but they allow you to store tons of different accounts across literally hundreds of different bookmarking sites across the web. Add to this they can randomize the speeds of your submissions so it looks like a real human being is doing it all.

Social bookmarking software makes certain bookmarking schemes and reaches available that you would have never thought possible. They are truly the best way for any power bookmarker to speed up the task. However, many people do not need all of the power that these tools offer and they can be quite expensive as well. For most marketers, even those who use social bookmarking everyday to promote their sites, semi-automated solutions are probably best. This will allow you to greatly increase your submission speeds without incurring any costs or losing out on any quality during your submitting.

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