What Is Wi-Fi Advertising

Reaching customers with advertising messages is extremely difficult in the world of today. Wi-Fi advertising is becoming more popular than television, magazines, radio and newspapers. Because of Wi-Fi popularity, most universities, hotels, restaurants, malls among others provide Wi-Fi. Due to the increase in use of Wi-Fi technology, a new idea of Wi-Fi advertising has become popular. Since Wi-Fi enabled devices are quite common these days, therefore people have the increased tendency of staying connected to the internet wherever they are.

Nowadays, any business can make use of Wi-Fi advertising to their advantage. This means that anyone logging on to your business’ Wi-Fi will first see your advertisement details on their screen. This is a really effective advertisement tool and can be utilized anywhere as long as Wi-Fi is available.

The Working Procedure Of Wi-Fi Advertising

There are several uses of Wi-Fi advertising. The main aspect of this is to set up proximity broadcast at various places. You should think about a way you can target consumers when they are shopping. Let’s say that you are selling a specific product in a store, you need to ensure that you remind the people to keep their Wi-Fi on to get your special messages on their phones.

Realtors And House Building Businesses

The idea of proximity marketing is better described through examples. If you are a real estate agent, you are able to send gif animations and messages to a broader range of users letting them know more about your properties and other details regarding the sale. Visitors will find it useful to get your business card that contains details, such as your business opening hours, telephone number, e-mail address and also link to your business website.

Shopping Centers

Most shops like to send deals and discounts to customers. This can also be done using proximity marketing because when clients search for wireless networks, they will most likely find your shop and also get access to the screen exhibiting an advert or a discount voucher. This technology allows you to send information to iPhone, android, iPod, Blackberry, and iPad devices. This will help you in targeting a broader range of users.


A customer may wish to know more about a particular car for sale. You can offer this through your Wi-Fi marketing system. When a customer connects to your Wi-Fi, a screen will show up on their device giving the details of your promotions. A client who might have had a lot of doubts about purchasing one vehicle might purchase some other vehicle just for this reason.

Wi-Fi advertising can be beneficial to you economically because it can help reduce the cost of running business. As compared with other forms of marketing, it is surprisingly cheaper. Overall, Wi-Fi is a very effective form of advertisement and companies will find it very helpful to utilize Wi-Fi so long as they can determine exclusive special deals and use the correct people to help in their marketing campaigns.

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